African Youth Day: Youth-centered policies needed – NDC’s Ekow Djan

The National Deputy Tertiary Education Institutions Network (TEIN) Coordinator, Mr Ekow Djan, has called for the introduction of youth-centered policies to support the younger generation.

He made this call as part of the commemoration of the African Youth Day on Monday November 1.

In a statement as part of the celebrations, he indicated that the older generation had captured everything leaving the youth with no opportunities to grow.

Our older folks have grabbed everything to themselves leaving the Youth hopeless with no opportunities.

“As we commemorate African Youth Day, it is important we implement youth-centered policies to ensure even growth of our every facet of our continent—Africa. The Youth hold a greater share of our continent, yet they are the least beneficiaries of Africa’s resources.

“In Ghana for instance, the compulsory retirement age is 60years— yet majority of our office holders are above 60. The President is 77 years; most of his appointees are above 60 including the Minister for Agric who is 76years.

“Even in the Civil Service, there are a lot of men and women who have hit the compulsory retirement age, yet refusing to go on retirement to create vacancies for fresh blood.

“Our older folks do not really consider the youth when taking decisions— the policies implemented by Central government are not youth-centered— some are cosmetics.

“It is about time the Youth took their destinies into their own hands— they should lead; take up leadership opportunities— venture into politics and decide for themselves. Our elders haven’t been of help to us.”

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By Laud Nartey||Ghana