African-Americans patronizing new DNA technology to trace roots

There is a new DNA technology which now enables some black people in the diaspora to trace their roots and origin in Africa.
Some African-Americans in the diaspora have been exploring a trace to their ancestral roots and families in Ghana with the technology.
Most African-Americans living in the diaspora who did not have any knowledge about where their ancestors came from, are increasingly patronizing and have succeeded in the tests, tracing their roots in Ghana and in parts of the Central Region where slave trade was predominant centuries ago.
Professor Macaula Fraizer, a retired university professor in the United States of America, is one of such people who reconnected with his family with the technology.
He now lives at Kasoa in the Central Region.
According to Professor Frazier, he went through the DNA test successfully and through social media was able to connect with the family and have met with them.
He revealed to that it was an excitement and a dream he longed for for years.
He also added that he and others who came from the United States of America have plans to invest in some educational institutions from the basic level to the university and have already visited some schools in Region.
As a published author, he has already donated some of his works to Adisadel College.
Melvin Kayle, another African-American who was full of excitement, also told his story of going through the DNA test with a firm, ‘’, and succeeded in getting a Ghanaian Facebook friend who helped him in connecting with his family at Elmina Amso.
According to him, the new technology is a welcoming one for most African-Americans living in the US.
“It feels good with this technology and myself and so many thousands of African-Americans in the US are now happy because it has been my dream to know my origin and roots, where exactly in Africa I am from and I have been to meet my family in Elmina,” he said.
Professor Fraizer and three others – James Johnson, Melvin Collier and Ande Edwards – are in Ghana and have been spending time with their families and have plans to impact in some communities and education institutions as well as to invest in some in Ghana.
’23andme’ and ‘family tree dna’ are amongst the firms in the US which are running the DNA tests for African-Americans.
By Thomas Vincent Cann||Ghana

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