Advise yourselves and wait another time – Incumbent NPP reg’l executive to challengers

The Greater Accra Region Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Daniel Parker Odarlai France, is convinced he will retain his position in the party’s forthcoming regional executive elections.

He is positive that his performance in the Region is unrivaled hence his vaunting to maintain the secretaryship position.

Mr. Odailai France, who was speaking in an interview with Onua TV on Tuesday, May 10, has prayed that the delegates in the Greater Accra Region would plausibly reward him for his hard work in the polls.

He has opined that his work in the party at the grassroots level will strongly compel the delegates to considerably endorse him for the second time.

“I have served under the great people in the party which made me more or less a political apprentice who has grown to be a master, so for the secretary position I share with no one.

“I am winning the election hands down and I believe that those with the intention to contest me for the position would advise themselves and wait for another time,” he reiterated.

He insisted that whoever dares to contest him in the polls does so for popularity or may want to use the opportunity to rake in money but not probably to win.

Mr. Odailai France further asserted that all the 14 NPP Members of Parliament and Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCES) in the Region have agreed to validate his candidature.

He thus cautioned party members who seek to oust him or have the interest to join the Greater Accra Region secretaryship race to prepare for a devastating and humiliating defeat.

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NPP is preparing to conduct its regional executive elections from May 27 to May 29, 2022 after successfully electing polling station and constituency executives.

Though the polls were characterized by misunderstanding and pockets of chaos, the party has described the election as free, fair and peaceful.

By Maxwell Otoo|Onua FM||Ghana


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