Adjetey Anang to celebrate Golden Jubilee with exciting lineup of events plus memoir

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Adjetey Anang

Renowned Ghanaian actor, Adjetey Anang, known for his remarkable achievements in the film and entertainment industry is set to celebrate his 50th birthday in a grand manner this year.

A statement released on June 1, 2023, by King-Dawie Publication and Lynx Entertainment, outlined the festivities, which will include a memoir, a health foundation, and a movie premiere showcasing his exceptional talent and creative prowess.

The movie premiere will offer audiences a glimpse into Adjetey Anang’s unparalleled versatility and acting skills, leaving them spellbound.

His magnetic presence and remarkable talent will undoubtedly be a highlight, solidifying his status as one of the industry’s most versatile performers.

On Saturday, July 8, 2023, a multifaceted event at the Skybox Event Centre in Accra will serve as the culmination of the golden jubilee birthday celebrations.

The event will feature the launch of Adjetey Anang’s highly anticipated memoir and health charity, the One in a Million-Health Foundation.

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The memoir will delve into the star’s journey to stardom, his impact, lessons learned, struggles faced, and the sacrifices that have shaped him into the extraordinary man he is today. It will also reveal the relatable individual behind the captivating screen characters he has portrayed over the years, including the legendary Pusher from the iconic TV series “Things We Do for Love.”

The memoir is expected to be a compelling read.

The One in a Million Health Foundation will focus on providing quality healthcare resources to underprivileged individuals in deprived regions of Ghana. The charity’s name, “one in a million,” symbolizes the goal of gathering a million people who commit to donating GH₵1 every day for 10 years to support the organization’s initiatives. It exemplifies Adjetey Anang’s dedication to societal development through unique interventions.

Ghana’s film industry, along with Adjetey Anang’s family, friends, fans, and associates, are invited to join in celebrating and honouring him as a truly luminous son of the continent.

This milestone birthday celebration is a testament to his significant contributions to the Ghanaian entertainment industry and his commitment to making a positive impact on society.


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