Adelaide the Seer is a certified gospel artiste enjoying a hiatus – DopeNation

Adelaide the Seer is a certified gospel artiste enjoying a hiatus – DopeNation
DopeNation and Adelaide the Seer

DopeNation disclosed that their relationship with their one-tine protégé has not deteriorated as falsely reported. DopeNation confirmed a break of partnership and the lack of a record deal.

Adelaide the Seer made a brief but impactful entry on the music scene after DopeNation discovered her. After some time and a nomination later, the soulful singer is nowhere to be found.

Addressing her seemingly disappearance on HitzFM, Dope Nation revealed that the spilt is mutual and necessary.

“Right now, we could just be bold and say she’s a certified gospel artiste, and she’s doing well in that. But then she also has a lot of things she wants to explore, the way we see it. We didn’t get the chance to go on a deal with her.

“It will have a lot to do with issues at home and connecting to the fact that she’s supposed to be an artiste. And it had to do with herself too. So all those things factored, but then we are still in contact with her. And anytime, anywhere, we will just have to do what we have to do. Our aim was to make sure that our music impacts live and it’s happening. So we are just proud of it.”

Dope Nation also shared their disappointment about the false news about alleged extortion and fraud concerning their business with Adelaide the Seer. They disclosed how they wanted to bring the perpetrators to book. But after careful consideration, they had a change of mind.

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“We saw the news on the fact that we were not working with her anymore and angrily took all her accounts and her music. But that’s not it. Actually, we were looking for who brought out the news, but we realized that we would end up destroying our relationship with certain people.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana