Ada Kyeremanten: Residents risk epidemic due to lack of clean water

Pupils and residents of Ada Kyeremanten in the New Juaben South Municipality lack access to potable water .

The challenge has made them vulnerable to an imminent diarrheal disease, acute illness and chronic infection.

The Ada Kyeremanten Commnunity in the New Juaben South Municipality of the Eastern Region is blessed with seven streams.

The Awiasu Stream, the biggest, was projected into a tank-like facility for use by the community.

But increase in population and housing infrastructure is resulting in the pollution of the revered streams.

Water from residents’ bathrooms and septic tanks find their way through the natural canal of the stream, thereby polluting it.

Access to clean water has been a challenge.

Old bore holes dug cannot produce water and other water facilities are malfunctioned.

“We use the water to wash and sometimes drink, but it smells bad in recent times. Government and responsible authorities should provide us with pipes soon,” a resident appealed.

An estimated 500 pupils of the Ada Kyrematen Basic School A and B upon their reopenning were using the Awiaso Stream water.

The headmistress of the A section, who spoke unofficially, brings her own clean water to school for use daily.

Krontihene of the Ada Kyerematen Community Nana Kyerematen Frempong Manso says he has asked the pupils to use the only clean stream left, and reserved for traditional rites, in the mean time.

This will allow the New Juaben South Municipal Assembly speed up efforts to find them lasting solutions.

”Our water is no more hygienic, we need potable water,” he pleaded.

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Dr. Hectoria Awekeya, a resident of the Faculty of Public Health, Ghana College Physicians and Surgeons, on her field assessment of schools preparedness towards Covid protocols, pointed out that the quality of water being used by pupils and the community could expose them to diarrheal, chronic infection and acute ailments.

“Two weeks ago, when we came for assessment we realized the water they were using was not of good quality. The community needs access to clean water urgently.”

The New Juaben South MCE, Isaac Apau-Gyasi, says a bore hole project is in the offing for the community and talks are underway with the Ghana Water Company to bring alternative lasting solutions.

“I have ordered the Assembly engineer and contractor to move to the area, a benevolent resident intends to construct a bore to support the Assembly.”

Sustainable Development Goal VI, which targets universal access to clean and affordable water, sanitation among others by 2030 is important for sustainable management of water resources and access to safe water and sanitation, which are essential for unlocking economic growth and productivity and provide significant leverage for existing investments in health and education.

By Yvonne Neequaye||Ghana