Actresses also sexually lure movie directors for roles – Veteran script writer


    Discussions on ‘demand for sex' for movie roles by directors have been in the news in recent times and veteran Ghanaian actor, director and script writer Kwaku Twumasi has also revealed that actresses also offer themselves for sex to directors in order to be cast in movies.

    Speaking to Tony Best in an interview on 's Kwantenpon Drive on Thursday, May 27, Kwaku Twumasi revealed that being on screen alone brings a lot of opportunities to actors and actresses.

    So, they can go any length just to be part of a cast to be famous .

    “Previously the narrative was that we the directors or anyone who has some level of influence in the production of a movie demand for sex before casting the artistes especially the .

    “I have no personal experience, but I won't deny it doesn't happen, it does.

    “But that is not always the case. A lot of the times, the women will use you the director or producer as a means to achieve their aim of becoming stars.

    “So, mostly they will be the ones to use you if you are not vigilant. They will offer you sex for a preferable role,“ Mr Twumasi disclosed.

    According to him, some of the actresses will “harass you terribly and if you are not principally strong, you will fall for their enticements”.

    By Anthony Owusu|Akoma FM||

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