Actress Fatimah out with ‘Behind the scenes’

The term ‘Behind the scenes’ is usually associated with happenings on movie sets that are normally not made available to the general public.

It showcases the movie making process and the level of extensive work that goes into film making.

Actress Fatimah Adeoye is out providing movie lovers with her ‘Behind the scenes’ skit.

It is the first of its kind ever in Ghana aimed at showing movie lovers the real and raw shoot that goes on behind the camera’s that contributes extensively to the entire movie.

‘Behind the scenes’ will fully engage and walk the audience through the movie process.

The first episode of ‘Behind the scenes’ with Fatimah presents to viewers the struggles movie makers go through to perfect a scene.

With a series of uninterrupted command from the director, the actor takes more than one shot in order to meet the director’s satisfaction. This fun bit is a test of talent and the actor’s ability to take orders.

The entire crew is ready to shoot a slapping scene in the second episode and the action doesn’t meet the energetic requirement of the director. After series of cuts, for the preferred scene, the camera unknowingly misses the action. Hilarious and fun isn’t it ?

Be on the look out as ‘Behind the scenes’ with Fatimah brings you a gist on all the hustle and tussle film makers go through for the final cut.



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