ACP Agordzo interdicted

ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzo has appeared in court since Wednesday, November 9 in uniform[/caption] Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Benjamin Agordzo, who is standing trial for treason, has been interdicted, has gathered. The former Director of the Police Transformation Office was interdicted as his trial is against the code of ethics of the Ghana Police Service. This was communicated to him Friday after a Kaneshie District Court dismissed his application challenging his remand.

Per the Service’s regulations, CI 76 of 2012, a serving officer facing criminal charges must be interdicted or in other words relieved of his post for 90 days to allow him defend himself or herself. The interdiction may however take longer depending on how far the trial travels. In the case of ACP Dr. Agordzo, the interdiction followed his trial at the court and not for wearing of police uniform to court as being reported. According to the police administration, ACP Dr Agordzo had reported himself from a UN mission to be granted a mandatory two-week disembarkation leave to prepare for new postings but was greeted with the invitation to the BNI last Monday. He was detained and charged, hence the decision to interdict him. The police say the interdiction was only communicated after he had already appeared in court, adding any wrongdoing regarding the uniform can only be blamed on the prosecution team, who must procure a civil attire for him under the circumstance. Meanwhile, the police administration has appointed ACP Reverend Father George Arthur as the liaison officer to be in charge of matters relating to ACP Dr Agordzo in line with the Service’s welfare scheme. As at now, ACP Agordzo’s immediate commander is by law mandated to retrieve all police accoutrement from him until he is cleared to return to the Service.
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