Achimota School head, assistant hiding from us – Rastafarian dad

The Rastafarian student was asked to cut his hair before admission to Achimota School
It has emerged that the Headmistress of the Achimota Senior High School on many occasions refused to meet the parents of the two Rastafarian students who were refused admission at the Achimota Senior High School.

The Father of one of the students at the center of the controversy, Ras Aswad Nkrabea who is also the Co- Founder of the Rastafari Council of Ghana said there had been earlier engagement with the school’s authorities before taking to social media to tweet about the inhumane treatment to his son.

His account of the event is contrary to what the President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers ( NAGRAT), Angel Carbonu who chastised the parents for  taking to social media rather than engaging authorities of the Achimota School.  

But speaking to Alfred Ocansey on the 3FM Sunrise Morning Show,  Ras Aswad gave a “blow – by- blow” account of what has transpired all along until the social media explosion.

“I wasted a lot of time at the Headmistress door but she refused to come out. I went back the next day it was the same thing until I decided to deal with the Assistant Headmaster. I didn’t even deal with the Assistant Headmaster they were lying that he wasn’t there so I passed and went to the side of the building and I said [open the door to let in someone] I looked at the other side and he was there so I went to the other guy and asked him why did you say he wasn’t there? I need to see him and he said I will not be able to see him so they were hiding him”.

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According to Ras Aswad he took to social media after they frustrated him.

After the spectacle in the school, he finally gets a meeting on Monday between officials of the Ghana Education Service, the Headmistress, himself and his wife.

 “There were four women there which included the Headmistress; I didn’t recognize she was the person until she was introduced and the director for GES in the area. He [The Deputy Director of GES] said no phone, you can’t take note and I said no problem since they are afraid we shall record them; yet the other two women had their phones right in front of us”.

The wife who was in the said meeting proposed that both sides should make compromises for cool heads to prevail but her offer was flatly reduced.  

“The Deputy Director said why the explosion in the media so tell me why all the media attention. The Headmistress explained and I also explained. So asked him is the school rules above the laws of Ghana? and he said no is not above but you have to adhere to the laws of the school. So my wife said let us see if we can both promise but they didn’t want to listen so I left them. So later my wife said she told them the children will tie the dreadlocks and put a cover over it but they didn’t compromise. They bolted their seats and left”.

According to Ras the Deputy Director outside the meeting told he [ Ras] to go and cut the hair of the children.

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His son who is 16 years old today, 24th March, 2021, is traumatized at the turn of events as he visits the psychologist for counseling.

He has since vowed to take the matter to court.

By Richard Bright Addo ||Ghana