Accra’s ‘borla’ beach: a breeding ground for animals

The Art Centre in Accra is one place you are sure to see tourists every single day. Tourists throng there to buy all kinds of artefacts ranging from African print dresses through sculpture made from wood to jewelries made of cowries from the beach…yes the beach close to the Centre.

Behind this African craft village is a beach, close to which is a heap or as it were, a mountain of rubbish.

The seashore itself is filled with all kinds of waste caused by human activities, and thus turned the place into a new breeding grounds for pigs, cattle and other animals. No wonder that stretch of beach from the independence Square area to the Centre has been tagged ‘Borla’ (refuse)beach.

Clearly, the situation, which is not peculiar to that particular beach, is something that is giving the country’s tourism a bad image and raises the question as why city authorities always look on for the nice beaches to be used as refuse dump.

Making the beaches a secure and clean place could go a long way to create jobs for the locals and generate huge income for city authorities as revelers will always throng there to relax with a drink or food.

Perhaps, as usual, we are waiting on the usual foreign investor to come and make the place attractive, rake in a lot of money and deprive most people the opportunity to enjoy such beaches with their exorbitant fees.

By Louisa Twum- Baah||Ghana

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