Accra Poly students threaten demo

Accra Poly
The leadership of the students front of Accra Polytechnic has served notice of hitting the streets if authorities do not address a number of concerns.
The student leaders are accusing the authorities of charging illegal fees and taking arbitrary decisions.
At a press conference on Wednesday, July 13, the students claim the authorities are charging GH¢50 for the binding of project works for final year students, a move they find questionable.
The Western Gate of the school, the students further alleged, is to be closed at 10:00pm each day.
They thus gave the authorities two days to rescind those decisions or else they will sue the school, to boot.
But speaking to TV3’s Daniel Opoku, Rector of the Polytechnic Professor Sylvester Achio said the issue of the GH¢50 fees had been discussed with the Student Representative Council (SRC).
“We did discuss this issue with the incoming and outgoing SRC executives,” he said.
“Some of them initially thought that the GH¢50 is for one book but this was made clear that it was three books to be bound.”
On the closure of the gate at the western end of the Polytechnic after 10:00pm, Prof. Achio said: “We indicated that there is the need to close the other gate and leave the main gate. It was agreed upon at Council after passing it through Executive and Academic Board.”
He described as unfair the allegations being levelled against his administration by the students.
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