Account for Covid levy – Murtala tells govt

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Tamale Central lawmaker Murtala Mohammed has dared the government to tell Ghanaians how much the Covid-19 levy has raked in so far.

He said the tax payer deserves to know how much has been received by the levy.

Following the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the government introduced the recovery Levy on the supply of goods and services and imports to raise revenue to support Covid expenditures and to provide for related matters.

The law was assented to by the President on 31 March, 2021.

Speaking on the New Day show with Johnnie Hughes on Tuesday July 19, Murtala Mohammed said the government must account for the funds received.

“Ghanaians deserve to know how much they have paid so far into the Covid levy,” he said.

Regarding the free water and electricity the government provided to Ghanaians during the peak of the pandemic, he said the gesture cannot be described as free because Ghanaians are now paying fir it through the Covid levy.

“They never gave free water and free electricity. You gave free water and electricity and asked us to pay back, how can that be free?”

By Laud Nartey||Ghana

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