Accept second wife position – Counselor Lutterodt advises Tracy Boakye

Accept second wife position - Counselor Lutterodt advises Tracy Boakye
Counsellor Lutterodt and Tracey Boakye

Controversial marriage counsellor, Reverend George Lutterodt, has indicated that actress Tracy Boakye can never get married unless she settles for being a second wife.

Counsellor Lutterodt reasoned that the kind of men that can provide her needs are all married. Therefore starting over with a broke-single man is out of the question.

He told Christian Agyei Frimpong that “Most of the celebrities in Ghana can never get married because the men that can provide for their needs and sustain their standards of living are all

“Their bane is the pastors in this country have lied to them that being a second wife will land them in hell. It’s a lie. It’s better to be a second wife, third or fourth to a wealthy man who takes care of you, than being with a man and still taking care of yourself.

“Who can marry Tracy Boakye? She’s supposed to be a second wife. What Tracy Boakye needs now is not fame but money,” he continued.

He counselled young ladies to use what God gave them to fulfil their needs without breaking their backs.

“Life is about enjoyment. Women were not created to struggle for money. Woman was created to enjoy a man’s money. God created and concealed women’s ‘beneath’ to eliminate poverty.”
Reverend George Lutterodt concluded on Onua FM’s Anigye Mmere show.

By Victor Kodom|Onua FM||Ghana

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