Acacia launches ‘Bros for Boobs’ campaign in Ghana: A male-led breast cancer awareness campaign

Acacia launches ‘Bros for Boobs’ campaign in Ghana:
'Bros for Boobs' campaign

This October, media personality Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD), celebrity dancer Incredible Zigi and Dr Papa Nii Maale have joined Acacia Health Insurance to launch a bold, creative, provocative Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, ‘Bros for Boobs’.

This initiative, one of its kind to be launched in Ghana, aims to enlist men across the country to champion breast screening and self-examination exercises among women during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and beyond.

With Ghana recording approximately 2,900 cases annually, and one-eighth of them dying from it, breast cancer has become the most common cancer-related death among Ghanaian women. This calls for the need to tackle this problem with a bold and provocative approach.

The campaign will feature a live Masterclass to teach men how to check for signs of breast cancer on October 19, 2022. This will happen on Acacia’s Facebook and Instagram pages: @acaciahealthinsurance. The gallant men who have already pledged to join the campaign have coined a unique name for their group dubbing it ‘Brotherboob’, an interesting twist to the word Brotherhood.

Speaking about the Initiative, Dan Vincent Armooh, Managing Director at Acacia Health Insurance said: “Even though most women are aware of the risks of not getting their breasts checked, they are still not taking the necessary steps to get screened. And since breasts are also important to men, it is only right that they get involved in being a part of the solution to the breast cancer problem”.

Through the ‘Bros for Boobs’ campaign, Acacia ultimately wants to engage men to own Pink October and take on the responsibility to either personally screen their partners, accompany them to get screened or encourage the women in their lives to get screened and get screened themselves.

It is phenomenal to be part of this campaign that seeks to reduce breast cancer cases and create awareness on breast screening. Especially when studies have shown that breast cancer is increasingly common among younger Ghanaian women. Breast cancer is also a man’s business and I encourage my fellow men to join the Brotherboob to curtail breast cancer,” Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD), one of the key members of the Brotherboob Initiative, said.

This valiant initiative of Ghanaian men joining the ‘Brotherboob’ will help achieve the campaign target of getting more Ghanaian women screened. And ultimately, impact the global mission of increasing awareness to reduce breast cancer risk through education, prevention, and action.

In developing the ‘Bros for Boobs’ Campaign, Acacia has partnered with the best healthcare facilities to enable a free breast screening exercise in Accra. These include Acacia Medical Centre, Airport Clinic, Midway Clinic, Lapaz Community, The Trust Hospital, etc.

This campaign is also supported by Ogilvy Ghana, Rhythms on da Runway and Citi FM.

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