Abudus defy Dagbon Regent’s directive, celebrate Damba Festival in Yendi

The Abudu Royal Gate of Dagbon on Thursday went ahead to celebrate this year’s Damba festival despite a directive to the Chiefs and people of Yendi not to celebrate the festival.

The Regent of Dagbon and Acting President of the Dagbon Traditional Council, Kampakuya-Na Andani Yakubu Abdulai, announced the cancellation of this year’s celebration in the Yendi Township because of the erosion of their traditions and customs.

“The Damba festival cannot be celebrated when the very foundation of the customs and traditions are being destroyed on the basis of convenience and peace, irrespective of its far-reaching repercussions on the Dagbon Kingdom,” the Regent said in a statement.

Notwithstanding, the Regent of the Abudu Gate [Bolin-Lana], Mohammed Abdulai, led the Abudu family on Thursday celebrate the weeklong festival in Yendi. The motive behind the Abudus defiance is not clear.

Secretary to the Abudu Gate, Abudu Iddrisu, said they would continue to celebrate the festival December 31, when it is expected to climax.

The murder of the overlord of area, Ya-Na Yakubu Andani in 2002 has since disturbed the peace and stability of Yendi with recurring clashes between the two royal Gates.


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