About 460 trainee teachers to be sacked

Information gathered by the Colleges of Education Weekly Journal indicates that about 460 Level 100 trainee teachers across the 46 Colleges of Education in the country will be withdrawn for abysmal performance in the first year of the four-year Bachelor of Education programme. The trainees were admitted in the 2018/2019 academic year, which was crippled with the over one month CETAG strike, challenges in the new curriculum development, uncoordinated subject base  workshops for tutors, abridged academic calendar among others. Due to the aforementioned challenges, trainees delayed for more than a month before reporting to commence the first semester. After reporting to campus, the trainees had to endure the pressure of completing a 16-week curriculum in 12 weeks. According to the progression policy of University of Cape Coast, a trainee must pass all courses taken (Obtain Grade A – D). Attain a minimum C.G.P.A. of 1.0 Students with a GPA below 1.0 at the end of the first semester shall be cautioned by the Director (Academic Affairs) and counselled by the Departmental Academic Advisor and/or University Counseling Centre. A supplementary end of semester exams are written by such a student after which the next action shall be dismissal Dismissal A Level 100 student who loses a total of 12 credits registered for an academic year – either in the first, second or in both semesters – will be dismissed for poor academic performance. Such a student may, however, reapply for admission into a different program the following academic year. Speaking exclusively to the Colleges of Education Weekly Journal, an SRC President who pleaded to speak on anonymity stated that “the situation is really disheartening”. “After the resit, if you couldn’t redeem a single course, you shall be dismissed. The UCC system has blocked all students who lost 12 credits or more in the year 1 exams. The total credits for students ranged between 42 to 48 for both semesters 1&2. This is not fair because the number of credits students passed is far higher than the failed one.” On the average, more than 460 will be withdrawn without any opportunity to resit. The Colleges of Education Weekly Journal will bring you the latest developments regarding the dismissed students.

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Source: Colleges of Education Weekly Journal]]>