A win for Democrats not automatic win for NDC – Dr Sikanku

Donald Trump has won key battlegrounds states and set to become the next US president
Donald Trump has won key battlegrounds states and set to become the next US president
A communication consultant Dr Etse Sikanku has rejected assertions that a victory for the Democrats in the US presidential election is a guarantee win for the National Democratic Congress.
He argued there is no scientific basis for anyone to come to such conclusion, noting the dynamics between the two countries in terms of voting are not the same.
President John Dramani Mahama in the run up to the 2012 elections reportedly claimed President Barack Obama’s victory in the United States was an indication of victory for his party.
He premised his argument on the fact that in the 2008 polls in the USA, Democratic candidate, Obama, won and later the NDC also won the general elections in Ghana
Ahead of this year’s December 7 general elections, the assertion has resurfaced among some NDC supporters and members who are arguing a win for Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s election will signal a win for the NDC on December 7.
“I don’t think the electoral systems between the two nations are the same, the dynamics are different and there are not enough basis to make such predictions,” Dr Sikanku told Onua FM.
He added: “I know people will generally want to use a win for either of the candidates in their advantage since they are related in terms of political affiliation, but I doubt if that has any fact backing it”.
Hillary – Trump tie a close one
Commenting on the US presidential election as a whole, Dr Etse Sikanku said the contest between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump would be a close one.
“Initially, all the polls in favour of Hilary showed a wider gap but with the emergence of the email saga, there is now a decline in her percentage. That could be a back breaker but it will be a close call,” he observed.
He noted Trump’s policies appear to be stringent and appealing to the business community, hence may not have favours from those that will be affected.
“I mean for him to say Africans like sex, eat too much food, et al, clearly show his position on the Africans. There are also issues of him making some pronouncements on illegal immigrants and many other statements and those can have a negative effect on him”
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