A relationship is not a poverty reduction program – Reno Omokri

A Relationship is not a poverty reduction program; Stop thinking with your sexual organ – Reno Omokri advises men
Reno Omokri

Nigerian former presidential aide, Reno Omokri, has slammed women who are financially dependent on their boyfriends. He likened them to thieves who want to be remitted for no work done. And asked men to take care of their families instead.

In an Instagram post, the renowned author and realist sought to dissuade men from making financial investments in women they are not married to. He wrote, “Do not turn a relationship into a poverty alleviation program. That is what you do when you send the following texts or WhatsApp messages: Honey, my hair is due; Sweetie, my phone is old; Babe, I need credit.

No. You don’t need any dirty credit. You need a JOB or a BUSINESS that does not involve you lying on your back!”

Reno pointed out that the biblical role of women as helpmates has nothing to do with financially draining their heads of households. 

“God created women to be helpers to their husbands. God did not create you to be a parasite to a man who is not married to you! The poor man will pay tax to a useless Buhari government and then still pay tax to you? Ah ah! When you are not a bandit?”

A young man, who happened on the post, asked whether it is okay to give a woman money when facing hardships. And this was Reno Omokri’s reply, “If you want to meet a need, go and meet your mother’s needs. Keep thinking with your reproductive organs. Many of you have mothers who do not even have an iPhone 1, yet you buy iPhone 13s for your partner in fornication.

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“Respect the breast you sucked for food and not just the one you suck for pleasure!”

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana