A/R: Muslims observe Jummah amid safety measures including ambulance

Muslims in Kumasi on Friday observed Jummah prayers for the first time in 12 weeks amid Covid-19 safety precautions.

Leadership of the Muslim communities took steps to ensure all outlined safety guidelines are duly observed to prevent the spread of the disease.

At the Kumasi Central Mosque, there was high level of compliance with the safety measures.

Veronica buckets and sanitizers were placed at the entrance of the mosque for congregants to wash and sanitize their hands.

Worshippers had their temperature and contact details taken before entering the mosque.

Numbers were given to ensure those entering the mosque do not exceed 100.

An ambulance was stationed at the premises of the mosque for any eventuality.

Congregants also adhered to the safety protocols of wearing nose masks and carrying their personal prayer mats to the mosque.

Leadership of the mosque say they will continue to observe these safety protocols.

“We met all the leaders of the Islamic sect and agreed to ensure that all the regulations will be followed religiously. With what you’ve observed today, we are going to do it continuously until we are sure that coronavirus is no more or the President says otherwise,” Chairman of Covid-19 taskforce for the Kumasi Central Mosque, Sheikh Mahey Ibrahim, told 3news.com.

The Ashanti Regional Zongo Chief, Sultan Umar Farouk Saeed, also assured that they will abide by the President’s directives.

“Because we want to duly observe the social distancing protocol, we have decided to allow only ten people in a row instead of the usual 100,” Sultan Umar Farouk noted.

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Some of the worshippers were satisfied with the safety measures at the mosque.

“It’s refreshing joining a congregation to observe the Jummah prayers again. Inasmuch as we were not happy with the ban, we accepted that it’s for our own safety. And today, I’m impressed with the level of safety measures here,” Bun Bida stated.

Meanwhile, the Ahmadiyya Muslim sect has directed its members to continue observing prayers at home.

The Muslim leadership is urging the public to continue abiding by the safety protocols to contain the spread of the virus.

By Ibrahim Abubakar|3news.com|Ashanti Region|Ghana