A-Plus releases political song ‘Atigya’ ahead of 2016 elections

A-Plus Nana Addo
A-Plus’ songs have been pro-NPP
Political satirist and musician A-Plus is expected to release his new political song Atigya on Friday, September 2.
The song, according to him, is to whip up support for change in government this year.
Known for his pro-NPP political songs, the musician whose real name is Kwame Asare Obeng has already begun talking about the ills in contemporary Ghana.
“There are so many things that have not gone right,” he told TV3’s Owusu Worae in an exclusive interview.
“I don’t understand why people will take taxpayers’ money, take it to somewhere where the people are very small…and go and raise guinea fowl and tell us the guinea fowls have run away and people are walking free.”
His new political song Atigya comes on the back of previous ones such as ‘Mesuro Mpo Na Merekeka Yi O’ and ‘Agye Gon’.
He has also composed social songs to drive home the need for authorities to improve the living conditions of their subjects. ‘A Letter to the West’, for instance, highlighted poverty on the African continent.
But the aim of the new song is pretty unambiguous.
“I am doing a song that is advocating for a change. That everybody we are going to change this government. Let’s change them. When NPP comes and misbehaves we will change them too.”
Lyrics of the song are strewn with issues to do with the Metro Mass bus rebranding saga, the much-talked about collapse of the National Health Insurance Scheme, SADA and Alfred Woyome.
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