A lot of Ghanaians suffer from negative self-image – Uncle Ebo Whyte

A lot of Ghanaians suffer from negative self-image – Uncle Ebo Whyte
Uncle Ebo Whyte

According to Uncle Ebo Whyte, negative self-image can influence low self-esteem and affect choices in relationships and life. And unfortunately, many Ghanaians fall into this category.

This pronouncement was made during a discussion and abusive relationships and why people chose to stay. Uncle Ebo Whyte explained on TV3 NewDay that a person would stay in an abusive relationship because of low self-esteem. He said this phenomenon is usually a consequence of culture and nurture.

“We do not appreciate the fact that in Ghana there is quite a lot of negative self-image around. You see people dressed well… you see people smiling nicely but inside they don’t feel good about themselves. And unfortunately, we are not big about addressing those things.

It comes from the culture. There are aspects of our culture that needs to change. That needs to be a trying culture, but it’s not. For instance, I don’t know what kind of mothers you had, but my mom (and she was very typical of all the mothers we knew at South Suntreso in Kumasi), the idea of disciplining you was to insult you.”

Uncle Ebo Whyte shared that an accumulation of constant insults and criticism contributes to a poor self-image. He said, “In my case, your face is like the blunt end of a knife. You can hear a neighbour screaming, ‘Kwame may an animal devour you’, ‘Look at his sorry self’, ‘Look at his ugly face’… this is coming from your primary caregiver. This is your mother.”

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He further explained that this causes the child to focus on their flaws instead of building on their strengths.

“And the children sometimes row with it and act like they don’t care. No! It registers. He will grow up with it, and if he is not fortunate enough like I have been, to be helped to get through this and develop a much more positive image of yourself. Then what will happen is that it will follow every choice you make in life, not just in relationships,” Uncle Ebo Whyte concluded.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana