A hit song is relatable but not always a good song – Bullgod

Humility beats any form of education - Bullgod argues that ego kills talent

Artiste manager and producer, Lawrence Asiamah Hanson, gave a short lesson on the mechanics of a hit song on 's Showbiz 927 with Caleb Nii Boye.

In the discussion, which was centred on the role of TikTok in promoting songs, explained what makes a song popular (or a hit). He argued the “difference between a good song and a hit song. A hit song doesn't necessarily mean it's a good song.”

“Music hits everyone differently. So you could relate to a particular song, and I will not relate to it. You understand. so the more people relate to the song, the more the song becomes big.”

Acknowledging Bullgod's assertion, he explained how a song's relatability plays a huge role in its popularity.

“When anybody is doing a song or putting pen to paper, they are telling their story. They don't know whether it's normal for everybody. So you can relate to someone's story, you might not relate to another depending on the time, season or whatever you may be feeling.

I have always said this, art is an inward feeling that we put out. People can relate to it once they grasp where the inspiration came from.

By Grace Somauh-Annan|3news.com|

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