A decade’s record of entertainment in Everything That Happened And The People Who Made It

A decade's record of entertainment in Everything That Happened And The People Who Made It
Everything That Happened And The People Who Made It By Tony Nenebi

The Ghanaian Entertainment industry, in all aspects, has metamorphosed over the past decade. How so? Tony Nenebi’s book, Everything That Happened And The People Who Made It, reveals even the tiniest change that would have gone unnoticed by the inexperienced eye.

Hellen Appiah-Ampofo’s interview with Nenebi Tony on TV3 New Day disclosed changes the Ghanaian entertainment industry has undergone. He profiled the top 10 most influential entertainment brands from 2010 to 202 in his book, “Everything that happened and the people who made it.

According to Tony, it was demanding yet interesting to compile information about the industry for the past decade.

“It was tiring, yet easy and fun compiling this information together. It was not an easy experience, but I enjoyed doing that. I didn’t have the first experience of some of the stories because I was very young but hearing the behind-the-scenes information was interesting.”

He disclosed that it was easy to speak to older industry players because they were forthcoming with information. On the other hand, the young ones were not forthcoming with details compared to their older counterparts.

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“It was easy to speak to Mzbel. Because she understood the phases the industry has been through. She understood that things changed, so it was important to keep records.”

Tony raised the concern on how it was tasked to get young acts in the industry with information.

“When people are in their prime and have this personality around them. They just don’t see the need to document. They do not attach importance to it,” he added.

Responding to this, Ghanaian Entertainment Pundit, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo, explained that the level of activities of newbies in the industry is intense and engaging. And that permits them little or no time for interviews on their craft in the space.

“I will not put the blame on them for not availing themselves of interviews. They are active and are playing shows and busily recording. The expectations for them to avail themselves will be a little bit difficult. They availing themselves will fail because they are busy,” he said.

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Arnold further stated that “their level of activity will not permit themselves to be available for every interview. It helps them in their craft. Every hot artiste has some level of pride and arrogance in them.”

Arnold said one of the substantial problems facing the industry over the period was documentation. He applauded Nenebi Tony for documenting highlights of happenings over the decade.

Everything That Happened And The People Who Made It is a two hundred and four paged book covering major highlights including Cultivating a cult in the industry, Star Power, Laughter and Vernacular. Plus impact of the internet on crafts, among many others.

Grabbing a copy will do you some good. Cheers!

By Benedicta Naa Lamiorkor Lawson|3news.com|Ghana


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