90% of fair women have masturbation addiction – Ajagurajah, counselling statistics

Bishop Asiamah Ajagurajah

Leader of Universal Spiritual Outreach made this revelation in an interview with Zion Felix. Per his counselling sessions, most light-skinned ladies have spiritual problems, which include a masturbation addiction.

Bishop Abed Kwabena Boakye Asiamah stated that between dark-skinned women and fair-skinned women, fair women have many problems than dark-skinned women. He said this is just a caution to light-skinned women to sit up and not be complacent because of their beauty.

Conferring to Bishop Asiamah, this anomaly has been in existence from biblical times. He further explained that there are only two forces on earth, namely, good and bad. And no angel on earth is dark-skinned. He said, “90% of fair women, they have problems. Knowingly or unknowingly. How many fair women are married? Between dark women and fair women, which of them breaks the hearts of men? Between fair and dark women, which ones get to be married? Between fair and dark women, which ones give birth early? Between fair and dark-skinned women, which ones’ are favoured first and only for a short while? It is fair women.”

He insisted, “Why are fair women addicted to masturbation more than dark-skinned women. 90% of fair ladies are addicted to masturbation. How did I know? I am a prophet, and people come to have counselling sessions. And when I compare the number of people who come and tell me that they have masturbation problems. Between fair and dark-skinned women, fair women are more.”

He continued t say that all the spirits and river goodness are light-skinned. He described this oddity as a woman’s beauty becomes her curse.” According to him, if you are too beautiful, you carry a curse.

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By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana