8 Unusual and unexpected uses for nail polish

1. Removes warts If you have stubborn warts that will not go away, then break out the nail polish. Paint over the area of the wart only and, after just one week, the wart will be gone. Remember not to use that bottle of nail polish again though, or you might spread the wart virus and get another one. 2. Fix frayed shoelaces Clear nail polish is a great way to fix frayed shoe laces, if you haven’t got time to buy some new ones. Dip the ends of the laces into to some nail polish and then twist the unravelled ends together; leave to dry and you can use them again without them fraying anymore. 3. Protect shoes from scuffing If you keep finding the toes or the heels of your shoes covered in scuff marks, then nail polish could the answer for you. Paint some clear polish over the areas that normally get scuffed and it will create a hard wearing barrier that will protect your shoes. 4. Make buttons stay on for longer If the buttons on your or your children’s clothes keep coming off, then paint some nail polish over the threads. It will stop the threads from fraying, so the buttons will stay on longer and, more importantly, you won’t be forever sowing them back on again.

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5. Use as emergency smelling salts If you are out and you see someone who has fainted, the chances are that you don’t have any smelling salts in your handbag, but might have some nail polish. Just as the ammonia in an inhalant will wake somebody up from a feint, so will the fumes from your nail polish. We don’t claim it to be the healthiest and the best way, but it is still a way to help someone if you don’t have anything else at hand. 6. Waterproofs matches Camping trips can be great fun, until you find that your matches are wet and you can’t light a fire or the gas stove. If you dip the heads of your matches in some nail polish, before you go, they are guaranteed to strike when you need them. 7. Prevent rust rings from metal containers If the bottoms of metal canisters like hairspray or deodorant become wet, they can leave unsightly rings of rust on your dressing table or bathroom shelf. You can stop this from happening by painting the bottoms of the containers with nail polish and this will prevent them from rusting. 8. Easy needle threading Even with the best will in the world, there are times when the thread will just not go through the eye of the needle. You can lick it, you can twist it, but it’s just not having it. So, before you really lose your temper with it, dip the thread in nail polish and then roll it between your fingers. When it dry’s it will have stiffened up and be easy to thread. Do you know some other uses for nail polish? Feel free to share them in the comment section below. Stay happy! Source: beautyandtips.com]]>

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