8 Ghanaians busted for attempted stowaway at Tema Port

Eight Ghanaians who attempted to stowaway in a France-bound container at the Tema Port have been arrested by  port security.

According to the port security, each of them paid GHC 3,200 fee to be smuggled into the container disguised as casual workers. The container was scheduled to be shipped out of the port Monday night

Two of them nearly suffocated having stayed in the container for a day, authorities told TV3’s Tema correspondent, Josephine Frempong, on Monday. The two, who could not get enough air to breath, cut-opened the top of the container.

[Left] The top of the container that was cut-opened. [Right] Water, drinks and food packed for the stowaway.

They later forced the container opened when the air from the top opening was not enough for them; something that arouse suspicion and prompted the port security to conduct a search leading to the arrest of the two.

Six others, who were in a different container, were also smoked out upon further search.

The eight suspects have since been handed over to the Marine Police to be processed and charged for court. Stowaway is a misdemeanor in the country’s statute; making it a bailable offence.

The law also stipulates a fine of GHC 300, an amount port officials say is not deterrent enough.

Lt Col. Timothy Baa-Taah Bana, Tema Port Security Manager, told our correspondent that the case would be investigated, noting “those of our staff who are found culpable  would be punished.

He said other collaborators operating in other terminals would be dealt with according to the law if investigations link them to the incident, warning that “we are not going to spare anybody.

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By: 3news.com/Ghana