8 finalists ‘face-off’ at Talented Kidz finals: Who succeeds DJ Switch?

The grand finale of Talented Kidz Season 9 is scheduled for  Sunday, May 27 at the National Theatre.[/caption] The stage is set for eight contestants who have distinguished themselves in Talented Kidz Season 9 competition to ‘face-off’ in the grand finale scheduled for Sunday, May 27 at the National Theatre. The battle lines have been drawn for the eight: Samuel Owusu (Rapper), Hakeem Issah (Rapper) , Peniel Dodoo (Guitarist), Nana 1 dancers, GH Acrobats, Okodie band, Luther king band, Nellisa Atiogbe (hair stylist). Each of these have deservedly waded through thick competition to come to the finals and are expected to put on their ‘A’ game. The competition so far has been exciting as it got keener and keener at every advanced stage. At a point the judges on the show were indecisive as to who to evict because all the contestants had put up impressive performances. [caption id="attachment_74291" align="aligncenter" width="568"] Judges of Talented Kidz[/caption] Although all contestants will be expected to put up their best to beat  competition in the already heated contest, some of the contestants will first have to face-off some internal battles before the ultimate. For instance, Samuel Owusu and Hakeem Commander are both rappers who have been robbing shoulders throughout the competition and will first all have to prove who is a better rapper before proving again that a rapper deserves the ultimate. Also, the Ashaiman-based Luther King band and the Kumasi-based Okodie band will have to settle some inter-band scores before convincing the judges they are worth the ultimate accolade. [caption id="attachment_76180" align="aligncenter" width="507"] Winner of Talented Kidz Season 8, Dj Switch[/caption] Meanwhile, the delightful Nana 1 dancers are poised to mesmerize audience at the grand finale. The duo have been consistent treating audience to lively formation dance occasionally liaised with a story or two. Nellisa Atiogbe, the hair stylist has sailed through the contest with rare talent, churning out amazing hairstyles, sometimes taking her audience by surprise. Even though she seem to have been trending on a lonely path with respect to her kind of talent, she will need to convince the judges being a hairstylist is a talent enough to win the competition. GH Acrobats, another heavyweight in the competition whose addition tightens the competition are also up for the ultimate prize. They have put up acrobatic acts that seemed impossible to the human eye. By their acts they have literally made things that seem impossible possible, including spinning on their heads. The grand finale is an opportunity for them just like any of the contestants to prove why they deserve to be named champions of Talented Kidz Season 9. Peniel Dodoo, the guitarist with the magic fingers will also need to do more of what has brought him this far into the competition. His understanding of the guitar and music in general makes him a key competitor in the finale, but then again he has to phenomenal above all. It is a lineup of crème de’la crème who will fight for supremacy as the next Talented Kidz winner, taking over from Season 8 winner, Erica Tando, popularly known as DJ Switch. Untill then, the suspenseful question lingers, Who succeeds DJ Switch?

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By P.D Wedam|3news.com|Ghana]]>