7 times Osebo the Zaraman calculated his combination in his beef with Ajagurajah

7 times Osebo the Zaraman calculated his combination in his beef with Ajagurajah

Most people may not find anything in common between the Osebo the Zaraman and leader of the Ajagurah movement, Bishop Kwabena Boakye Asiamah but the two have found a bone to pick with each other over their puzzling fashion choices.

One, a self-acclaimed fashionista wearing gender non-confirming designs, the other a controversial spiritual leader who has shocked the religious community with his outlandish doctrines, it appears there is no end in sight to their social beef.

The beef which started a few days ago after Ajagurah challenged the boutique owner on certain statements he has made about the concept of combination and style has sparked the interest of many and sundry.

Osebo who is at the butt of jokes on the internet over his eccentric style daily also accepted the challenged and doled out looks to back his statement that indeed combination is calculation.

Here are 7 instances in the ongoing beef where the fashion savant showed that he is in a world of his own in outlandish fashion.

  1. The Teal pleated dress

Osebo who also goes by the name Don Papa Richie put an androgynous spin on this pleated dress, combining the number with a black cap, Louis Vuitton back pack and brown brogue shoes.

2. The Black Two Piece

It only takes a calculative man like Osebo to don a black two piece with a cape.  Even batman will be flattered at this homage to his superhero look.


3. The Green Pelated shirt over Kente pants

A fashion mogul who isn’t afraid to tap into his roots for inspiration. The green pleated shirt, kente pants with black and green boots is a calculative take on contemporary Ghana fashion.


4. The Red Hoodie Dress

Little Red Riding Hood might have inspired this look but the fashion messiah still did some calculations when he paired it Balenciaga inspired shoes and a red male clutch.


5. The black look with Fur


Animal activists may not be happy with this look but this combination sealed his dominance as the winner of his beef with the spiritualist.


6. The All Fendi Look

Need we say more about the combination and calculation with this look?


7. The Streetstyle ensemble

After calculating this look, he also offered to give Ajuragah free clothes from his boutique to spur him on in the ongoing beef.

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What are your thoughts on the beef? Share your comments on who is winning the scuffle between the two men.


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