5,500 Ghanaian pilgrims declared fit for Hajj rituals

A total of 5,500 Ghanaian pilgrims have been declared fit by medical team of the Ghana Hajj board as Muslims begin the rituals of Hajj on Sunday.

The head of the medical team , Dr Seidu Zakaria made this known in Mecca after a health talk and distribution of face mask to pilgrims at the five satellite clinics situated at the various hotels designated for Ghana.

The Ghana medical team started the health outreach in Ghana prior to the departure of pilgrims, rolling out different health programs for the pilgrims before their visas were issued and that has contributed to the high fitness level of Ghanaian pilgrims for this year’s Hajj.

Dr Seidu Zakaria has assured that pilgrims are well fit to go through the rigorous Hajj exercise and noted that his team will still be with the pilgrims at every point of the rituals.

Some of the pilgrims said they are sure of completing the exercise without any complications.

By Tanko Mohammed Rabiu |

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