4X4 leader condemns churches over discrimination, calls them 'pure evil'

4X4 CP
Captain Planet says he was discriminated against in church because of his dreadlocks and tattoos
Captain Planet, leader of the hip-life trio 4X4, has condemned churches in the country that have penchant for discriminating against people based on their physical appearance.
He described as pure evil, the practice where churches discriminate against persons who either have dreadlocks, tattoos or piecing on their bodies.
Speaking on 3FM’s mid-morning show Urban Blend, Captain Planet cited some personal experience he had at one of such churches due to his dreadlocks but said it will not deter him from going to church.
“I don’t like it when people discriminate in the house of the Lord,” he said, adding  “Sometimes when you get to church and like me, having dreadlocks, people look at you like an individual who doesn’t have the ability to offer genuine words of wisdom because you have a tattoo or dreadlocks”.
“I don’t think this should be done in the house of the Lord because it is pure evil but despite all this, nobody can stop me from going to church”.
Nana Afrane Asante||Ghana

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