400 names deleted from register in my constituency – Suhuyini


Member of Parliament for Tamale North Constituency, Alhassan Sayibu Suhuyini has alleged that 400 names of voters have been removed from the newly-compiled register in his constituency.

He told Johnnie Hughes on the New Day programme on TV3 Friday September 25 that the widespread of this incident in the country defeats the claim by the Electoral Commission (EC) that this register was going to be an improvement on the previous one.

As far as he is concerned, the compilation of the new register was poorly done.

The EC has extended the number of days for the voter exhibition exercise by two more days. The exercise, which began on Friday, September 18, was scheduled to end on Friday, September 25.

“As part of efforts to serve the interest of its stakeholders and promote greater participation and inclusion, the Electoral Commission has extended the Voters Exhibition Exercise from Friday 25th September to Sunday 27th September, 2020,” the EC said in a statement issued on Thursday, September 24.

But Alhassan Suhuyini said “They told us that this was going to be a better register than we have had before. What is it today?  Is this better than what we had before?

“When this happens once you call it accident, when it happens the second time you call it coincidence but when it happens the third time that is a plot.

“What is the use of extending the days when my name is not on the register? In my constituency alone, so far we have compiled over 400 names that have not appeared on the register so even if you extend it for five days what will the 400 people do?

“In some polling stations you have five or six names, in some places.”

But, speaking on the same programme, Mr George Ayisi, the Director of Communications at the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) said the compilation of the new register was necessary in protecting Ghana’s democracy.

He said the old register had several defects that could have plunged Ghana into chaos.

By Laud Nartey|3news.com|Ghana


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