4 Beauty blunders makeup artists must avoid

People hire makeup artists with the expectation that these professionals can really deliver. Clients want to look better than what they can achieve by themselves and this is why in order to impress them, makeup artists must style them up with a dazzling combination of glamour. Whether you are a freelancer or under a makeup studio, it’s important that you need to surpass expectations on the spot. The following are the common mistakes that most self-trained makeup artists make and read on if you want to avoid these mistakes. Beauty Blunder #1: Putting makeup on dry skin This is one of the biggest no-nos in applying makeup. Applying makeup on a dry skin will only result in an old, cracked, dull, and tired-looking face. A trained makeup artist should know that a solid foundation is the secret to looking good with makeup. Whether your client has a great skincare regiment or has skin that needs better care, this is the reality that you need to work with. Before applying makeup, you should make sure that the client’s face is properly hydrated. It is recommended to travel with a light and fragrant-free moisturizer that can be used in all occasions. Apply the moisturizer and let it dry naturally before applying the makeup foundation. Beauty Blunder #2: Applying makeup in unnatural lighting When you do makeup in unnatural lighting, it’s won’t look good to the camera or to the environment’s lighting. Identifying the makeup that best suits the client is applying it in natural lighting conditions. This is why makeup studios and salons offer well-lit environments to make sure that the artists are applying the right tone. If you’re a mobile makeup artist, you must take advantage of the day’s natural light where the client must be seated near a window or a room with sufficient lighting.

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Beauty Blunder #3: Not mastering the art of blending Makeup involves a lot of blending and mixture of colour tones in order to formulate a dazzling array of combinations. It’s not just about dabbing a certain blush or eyeshadow – makeup artistry means learning combinations across the areas around the cheeks, chin, eyes and lips. No matter what shade is, makeup that isn’t properly blended will produce a very unbalanced tone. Beauty Blunder #4: Putting too much foundation We all know that too much of something is a bad thing. Too much face-cleansing can lead to fry, flaky makeup, while too much foundation will only make your client’s face look too cakey. If you’ve applied light and sheer makeup, it’s essential to apply the right amount of foundation. Some women place foundation in places with blemishes, such as cheeks, nose, and under-the-eye area, but concealers can also do the trick. It’s up to your skill on what fits best in the situation. Beauty blunders are a disaster, and unintentionally committing one can damage your relationship with the client and gain a negative reputation. If you’re planning to take the mobile makeup career route, it’s best to have the skills and experience to take with you. Trendingpod.com]]>