3FM hits Osu with ‘Citizens State of the Nation Address’

Accra-based 3FM Thursday morning served listeners of its flagship show, SUNRISE, an interactive version of the state of the nation address.

Dubbed Citizens State of the Nation Address, the station pitched camp at the forecourt of the Frankies restaurant in Osu.

President Mahama delivered the State of the Nation Address last week as mandated by the 1992 Constitution. The opposition New Patriotic Party also had a go at it and christened its own Real State of the Nation Address, which was presented by the flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo.

With the government and the biggest opposition party stating their claims as to what the true state of affairs is, 3FM decided to give citizens a chance to be the arbiter and assess the state of affairs in the country.

The show attracted Ghanaians from all walks of life who shared their views on the real happenings in the country. The interactive segment among others touched on the economy, health, corruption education, unemployment, high taxes on goods and services such as the utility tariffs.

The outdoor broadcast fits into 3FM’s commitment to bringing the best of news and information to its listeners.

“Ghana is still in a slumber because I cannot see anything moving. I can only say we are just pretending and I think it’s very bad,” one of the people who shared their views on the show pointed out.

Another chipped in, “I think that the government of the day is becoming lazy when it comes to issues of unemployment and I would say that a country which is not capable of collecting basic statistics of unemployed people is not capable of finding everlasting solutions to unemployment.”

State of the Nation: “The current state of our nation is very shaky.” – President of Unemployed Graduates Association. #Sunrise3fm— 3FM 92.7 (@3fm927) March 3, 2016

State of the Nation: “To me it’s normal. Everything is going on in one way or another.” – Nathan. #Sunrise3fm— 3FM 92.7 (@3fm927) March 3, 2016

State of the Nation: “I don’t think we’re doing too well as a country… majority of the youth aren’t working.” – Richard. #Sunrise3fm— 3FM 92.7 (@3fm927) March 3, 2016

State of the Nation: “From my point of view things are getting worse.” – Christopher. #Sunrise3fm— 3FM 92.7 (@3fm927) March 3, 2016

State of the Nation: “If I’m ranking the state of the nation from 1 to 10, I’ll give it about 4.” – a listener. #Sunrise3fm— 3FM 92.7 (@3fm927) March 3, 2016

State of the Nation: “There is no policy for the youth.” – Isaac Nyarko. #Sunrise3fm— 3FM 92.7 (@3fm927) March 3, 2016

State of the Nation: “Education is totally appalling at the basic level.” – Jacob Eshun. #Sunrise3fm— 3FM 92.7 (@3fm927) March 3, 2016

Source: 3news.com|Ghana by Nana Afrane Asante

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