3FM Fat2Fit participants ‘conquer’ Aburi Mountains

Participants of season 5 of 3FM’s Fat2Fit challenge last Saturday took over the foothill of the Aburi Mountain at Ayi Mensah for their first mountain climb session. By 5:40am participants were ready for body stretches which was led by Bea de Bully after which they proceeded to climb the mountain at their own pace. Participants who had stamina jogged while most first timers took it slow by walking up. At the top of the mountains, they took turns to check their weight in order to keep track, evaluate and monitor progress. The excitement was real as many had begun to experience great changes in their outlook and not to forget the feel good factor that comes with living healthy. The biggest weight loser for the week was Ms. Delali Fanong who shed off  5kg For her prize, she took home a make-up and hair treatment from Saloon Services as well as a copy of Akoto DerGross’ latest book on weight loss, “Change What You Eat; Change How You Look.” After an hour of aerobics session, participants descended the Mountain before departing to their various homes. Fat2Fit is a 60-day weight loss challenge aimed at helping participants lose weighs the healthy way. Registration is still ongoing for persons interested in joining to lose weight the right way. Visiting 3news.com or contact 054892355 to register. Fat2Fit is sponsored by Center for Plant and Medicine Research, Aviation Social Center, Verna Mineral Water, Cowbell, Moringa, Ernest Chemist and Salon Services. The Fat2Fit 60 Days Challenge; Lose Weight the Right Way

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