3FM Fat2Fit launched in Accra to start a 60-day journey to lose weight the right way

The sixty-day journey to a healthy weight loss and body fitness has commenced with a grand launch of the 3FM Fat2Fit 60 Day Challenge, the 9th edition at the Fitness One Gym, Airport Square in Accra on Saturday 28 January 2022.

Research has shown that a lot of individuals may have the desire to shed some pounds and maintain a healthy weight but however find it extremely difficult to overcome the obstacles that impede their quest such as weight loss plateaus, lack of motivation, undereating and overtraining.

Unrealistic weight loss goals and impatience as well as other psychological lapses have caused a lot of people to throw their hands up in despair and give up on their goals. The inability for such individuals to achieve their goals goes to further their emotional imbalances and drain their self-confidence.

According to the channel manager for your urban lifestyle radio 3FM 92.7 MHz Lois Kissiedu, the purpose of 3FM Fat2Fit is to offer a 60-day comprehensive all-encompassing healthy weight management program for individuals, families and groups to attain their weight management goals since it is more effective to exercise in a group.

Participants are endowed with a well curated healthy diet plans and workout sessions designed by seasoned professional fitness and lifestyle coaches, as well as relevant materials and all the psychological and physiological support to enable participants meet their goals within a reasonable period of 60 days. There is also a supplementary online support group to assist participants remotely.

The 9th edition of 3FM Fat2Fit Challenge is sponsored by Duffys, Verna and Fitness One Gym.

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By Samuel Afriyie Owusu|3news.com|Ghana


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