313 million women to get diabetes by 2040

About 199 million women live and suffer with diabetes globally, the Member of Parliament for Ledzokuku Dr. Ako Boye revealed in Parliament on Tuesday. 

In a statement to commemorate World Diabetes Day which falls on 14th November annually, the legislator said the number is estimated to reach 313 million by 2040.

The theme for 2017 is: “Women and Diabetes, Our Right to Healthy Future”.

He said the global prevalence of diabetes has doubled since 1980 rising from 4.7% to 8.5% of the adult population, citing the global report on diabetes issued by the World Health Organization as source.

The MP, who is a member of the Health Committee in Parliament, observed that symptoms of diabetes include frequent urination, increase thirst, weight lose, and dryness in the mouth. He also mentioned risk factors which are aging – 40 years and above -, overweight, family history, sedentary life style, unhealthy food consumption, red meat,

Dr. Oko Boye recommended that all pregnant women should have their third blood sugar level checked together with that of their husbands which he referred to as Couple Testing Regime. This he said can help people to know their diabetes status.

The Member of Parliament for Klotey Korle Dr. Ezenator Rawlings, supporting the statement, cautioned both children and adults to check their consumption of sweet beverages to avoid gaining weight.

She asked her colleague MPs to at least exercise thrice a week to keep fit. Dr. Ezenator had earlier this year suggested to Parliament to set up a gem for members to be exercising for good health.

World Diabetes Day has been celebrated every year since 2006.

By Onua FM |Owoahene Omari Acheampong|

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