3 reasons a man should love his wife more than mother – Relationship expert

3 reasons a man should love his wife more than mother – Relationship expert
Man torn between wife and mother (Quora)
According to a relationship expert, men should prioritize their relationship with their wives over their mothers. She said most women feel disrespected, patronized and overshadowed by their mother’s-in-laws. Unfortunately, husbands allow this behaviour to continue unchecked.

Ashley Willis, the author of the Naked Marriage, has listed three main reasons why husbands need to put their mother’s in place. She said that the institution of marriage is a two-way affair between a man and a woman. And does not include mothers in law.
She did acknowledge the importance of keeping a healthy relationship with the extended family even after marriage. “But never at the expense of our marriages”, she maintained.

When you marry, your relationship with your parents has to change
According to Mrs Willis, allegiance in marriage flows the order of God, spouses, children, and our parents come last. She based this evidence on Genesis 2:24, which says that a one and woman becomes one flesh in marriage.
“Husbands, your mother is part of you. She raised you and was the first woman to love you. And will love you forever. But, she is not your wife. She may have a hard time letting you go. But she must relinquish control for the sake of your marriage. And you have to gently, but directly, tell her this vital truth.”

Your wife should not feel like your mother is competition.
Marriage brings two people to become one. So you should put your marriage before anything else in all circumstances, including attending to your wife’s needs before your mothers. This would help you manage a great marriage and a great relationship with your mother at the same time.
Your wife should not compete with your mother for your attention, love, support and respect.

Ultimate Dealbreaker: Unity is a must in marriage
Married couples must present a unified front at all costs. A husband and wife must be on the same page heading in the same direction (Spiritually, physically and emotionally). Your mom will always be your mom, and you will always be her son. So give your full attention to the one you vowed to love, protect and serve.

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By: Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana



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