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2yr-old boy allegedly refused treatment for snake bite over folder dies

Health workers at the regional hospital allegedly insisted on folder before they could offer treatment to the little boy

A two-year-old boy who was allegedly refused treatment for snake bite at the Upper West Regional Hospital in Wa has died.

The boy was bitten by a snake in a Bambara beans farm at Boli in the Wa municipality Saturday, and the mother had to carry him on her back to trek more than 3 kilometres to a CHPS Compound in the area where he was given first aid before being referred to the regional hospital.

The snake that bit the boy

He was then carried on a motorbike together with his mother and aunt for about 45-minute journey from Boli to Wa.

They arrived at the regional hospital at about 2:00 p.m. but health workers there allegedly asked the boy’s mother to get a folder before treatment could be administered.

Workers in charge of the folder room were, however, said to have abandoned their duty post at the time.

The distraught relatives of the boy went back to inform nurses at the emergency ward about the development, but they allegedly insisted on their demand for a folder before any treatment could be given to the boy.

Boy ‘refused’ medical attention

The boy was given first aid at the CHPS compound before being referred to the Wa Regional Hospital where he was allegedly refused treatment for not getting folder

According to relatives and an eyewitness, the nurses refused to admit or even give the little boy any form of treatment or attention because they could not get the folder.

“We were asked to go for a folder if not we wouldn’t get treatment. We went to the folder room but there was nobody there, and the nurses insisted they will not attend to us until we have the folder,” Salia Abudu who transported the boy and his relatives to the hospital told

In their desperation, Abudu said they went to inquire about the whereabouts of persons in charge of the folder room from a nurse at the OPD department but the said male nurse got angry.

“One big man who was at the OPD taking vital signs even angry at us when we asked the whereabouts of the people in charge of the folder room so we sat at the Hospital up 6:00 p.m.” he claimed.

According to Abudu, they were scandalised by the attitude of the health workers on duty at the time, noting both the boy’s mother and aunt became helpless after waiting for four hours without getting any treatment for the boy.

“We were advised to go and unfortunately, the boy died upon arriving at the CHPS compound,” Abudu told

Residents who got wind of the incident are reportedly angry and are demanding heads to roll at the hospital for the alleged negligence.

We’ll investigate – Hospital

When contacted, the acting director of the regional Hospital, Dr Emmanuel Steve Blankson, said the matter had not come to his attention, but assured he will investigate to “know what actually happened on the ground”.

He explained that the hospital has put in place measures to take care of all emergency cases at the facility including snake bites.

Dr Blankson indicated that even in situations where victims with emergency cases are brought in unconscious without any relative, they are given treatment by health workers, and cited a similar incident where an accident victim brought in Saturdaay was rushed to the theatre.

On the issue of folder, he said the practice has been that where a patient requiring an emergency care is brought in without a folder, they pen down the patient’s information on a sheet of paper until such a time his or her folder will be ready and the information transferred unto it.

He assured that he will look into the two-year-old boy’s case to know “whether at any point because of folder somebody didn’t get care”.

By Yakubu Abdul-Gafur||Ghana


  1. Most of this nurses don’t know what they have trained for and they don’t know anything just to come to work and be taking pictures and be gossiping
    I have witness such incidents on several occasions nurses neglecting patients and most often some died in the process
    How can they bring serious emergency case and you people are demanding a folder before the patient will be treated, is very annoying my people why can’t you treat him and if they is any charges for them then the will pay later on but abandoning him is not the best option
    Like the doc said that they have treated similar cases even if the patient relative is not around then later on if the folder is ready then they can transfer the details onto the folder but insisting that the mother should get the folder from the store room or where ever whilst nurses who should be on duty at that where know were to be found but always going on useless strike telling government he should increase your salaries while you allow innocent people to suffer and die
    You people are there for us and you should treat us well but behaving like this towards innocent people won’t help us,even medicines koraa we no get and less you go and buy
    Some of this nurses and doctors are just tarnishing the good image of our region
    Allowing this innocent boy to die in this painful manner is very sad so plz wake up and let’s make a good name to our region

  2. Is about time that we take issues seriously nurses nowadays are not doing what is required of them , you said you want to be nurse , no one one false you to enter , if they are not ready to do the work they shouldn’t enter into it. Particularly I have issues with these General hospitals , if you send your patient they don’t really care about them but be pressing their phones which is bad I think they should have locker’s and supervisor to be monitoring them so that the right thing is dine .if you are cough with phone you should be sack or suspended so that the ones willing to do the work will do it

  3. Truly unbelievable. I believe the account we’ve just read is the truth. There’s no investigation needed. Negligence is what’s at play here. Poor treatment of patients under these practitioners is not acceptable. They all should be imprisoned.

  4. There are witches and wizards in the health services every where you can see them through thier actions and behavior, they are rude and disrespectful .

  5. It is pity to hear this but not a strange thing to happen. I don’t know why the workers are such wicked? In most cases you will see that,there are patients around and they will very serious with their phones and other unnecessary chat allowing the patient to go through a lot of pains. All this, is due to lack of proper supervision

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