26 year old Guinean fraudster arrested in Ghana

Twenty-six year old Guinean national, Alpha Diallo Amadou, has been arrested by police in Ghana for dubiously seeking to purchase three brand new vehicles worth one million, eight hundred thousand cedis.

Dialo Amadou presented himself as the Head of Procurement and Shared Services Department with banking firm Societe General Ghana Limited in Accra.

According to the police Criminal Investigation Department, CID, Alpha Diallo Amadou, was arrested on June 12 for presenting himself at universal motors as Chris Anderson to purchase three vehicles for some staff of Societe General Ghana Limited.

The suspect submitted several documents purported to have originated from the bank.

During the process, universal motors suspected fraud and informed the criminal investigation department.

On June 12, he arrived at the premises of Universal Motors to pick up the cars but was arrested together with three drivers he hired to assist him convey the vehicles.

During interrogation, he admitted he does not work with Societe General Ghana Limited and the documents he presented were forged.

It was also gathered that he fraudulently succeeded in buying three Mitsubishi Pajero vehicles and one Citroen saloon car worth over two hundred thousand US dollars from CFAO motors on June 11. he used forged payment documents from Ecobank Ghana Limited.

“Alpha Diallo Amadou was lodging at the Labadi Beach Hotel with a fake identity. He posed as a new financial manager of MTN and gave his name as Conde Mohammed and supported his claim with false letters purported to have come from MTN instructing the management of Labadi Beach Hotel to surcharge all MTN with all bills that will be incurred by him. He incurred a total of 19,347 Ghana cedis for his two weeks stay at the hotel”.

A search in his hotel room revealed address stamps and documents from more than six Ghanaian companies including various copies of pages of a United States passport using eight different names.




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