24-hour protection for Amanfrom as IGP promises maximum security

The police in Accra have begun a 24 hour surveillance at Engleshie Amanfrom in the Ga South Municipality following the spate of armed robbery in the community.

Meanwhile, a couple, has vacated their dressmaking shop, to be used as police post. Residents of Engleshie Amanfro and its environs, have been hit by a spate of armed robbery attacks over the last few weeks.

The robbers have taken advantage of the absence of a police station  and the deplorable road network which slows down emergency response, to perpetrate their criminal activities.

Beyond robbing residents of money and other valuables, several residents have been left with injuries after they were hacked with machetes and battered.

There have been four  reported incidents within three days after the police  led by the regional commander visited last week.

The development has prompted the police to  establish a  24-hour tent city police post to enhance  surveillance in the area pending the completion of two police stations  initiated by the residents associations in the area.

“We are assuring them that we will run here 24-hours. Anyone who comes here during the day the police will be here. The patrol teams are not going for them to be called but they will be here and monitoring. What we advise is that they shouldn’t take the law into their own hands. They should liaise with the district police commander to support the police in fighting crime”.

Accra Regional Police Commander, Dcop Christian Tetteh Yohuno, however warned against the firing of gun shots at night by some residents to ward off criminals  insisting it diverts the attention of police patrols.

“From 11pm they start firing and before you realize police are called and before you know it the criminals may be at another point so we advsie that they should stop firing when they are not under attack. There are rules regarding the use of weapons  so when they acquire them they should get in touch with the police to guide them on how to use it so they don’t shoot indiscriminately”.

Currently, a couple have given out their dressmaking shop to be converted into a police post pending the completion of two police station projects initiated by the residents association.

Meanwhile the Inspector General of Police, IGP, Mohammed Alhassan, has assured the residents of maximum security following his visit to the area on Wednesday August 26.

TV3’s Peter Quao Adator says the IGP has held meetings with community leaders over their security concerns with the aim of ensuring total security for the residents.

Peter says the IGP has also commended a couple in the community who donated their dressmaking shop to be used as a temporary police post.


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