22 ‘corrupt’ judges head to court to place injunction on showing of Anas video

The 22 judges who were suspended by the Judicial Council for their involvement in various acts of bribery and corruption, captured by Anas Aremeyaw Anas are heading to court to place an injunction on the showing of the video to the public.

The 22 made up of District, Magistrate and Circuit court judges want the High Court to place an injunction on the public showing of the video which has been described by many as ‘chilling’ and ‘unbelievable’.

A 5 member panel put together by the Chief Justice and headed by a Supreme Court judge to look into the matter, started its sitting on Thursday September 10, 2015. The video was shown to the accused judges after which they were given the opportunity to respond.

They have already been asked to submit written responses about the accusation leveled against them and some have consulted their lawyers to help them write the appropriate response.

Upon watching the video, the judges some of whom appeared shocked said they would go to the High Court for an injunction to be placed on the public viewing of the 3 hour video scheduled to be shown on September 22, 2015.

Whereas some appeared unperturbed by the video, others were in total shock with facial expressions showing deep ‘remorse’. Ace investigative journalist, Anas has been granted immunity from prosecution or civil action by the Chief Justice, should any of the accused persons attempt to take him on legally.

The statement which suspended the 22 judges said the panel would conclude its sitting 2 days after it starts work and “no one would be spared appropriate sanction, where culpability is established.”

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Meanwhile Head of Research at the Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Center, Dr. Kwesi Anning, speaking on the issue “It is contingent upon those who have seen the video and her lordship the chief justice and the president to quickly come out with a set of statements about the way forward.”

He demanded a recall of all the cases handled by the accused judges – who may have been in service for at least 10 years he surmises – for review at the full expense of the state.

“Every single case that has passed through the hands of these individuals must be recalled, the state must pay for the cases to be reexamined and for those who feel they need redress for compensation to be paid quickly.”

By Martin Asiedu-Dartey|3news.com|Ghana