2024 polls: Egyapa Mercer in trouble as 64.1% of voters very unlikely to vote for him – Report

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The Member of Parliament for Sekondi, Andrew Egyapa Mercer appears to be in trouble ahead of the 2024 elections if he decides to seek re-election.

A Global Info Analytics report  has revealed that in Sekondi constituency, 20.5% of voters are very likely or likely to vote for the current MP, whilst 64.1% are very unlikely or unlikely to vote for the MP. 15.4% are neutral.

The report said 57% of voters in the constituency believe the country is headed in the wrong direction whilst 35% said it is headed in the right direction with further 7.5% having no opinion.

“In a hypothetical presidential race, Dr Bawumia attracts only 42.5% of the votes whilst Mahama attracts 35%. In a hypothetical presidential race, Alan only 35% of the votes whilst John Mahama attracts 50%,” it added.

37.5% of the respondents were Ashanti-Akan, 5.0% were Ewes and 15% were Mole-Dagbani.

46.2% of the respondents were sympathizers of NPP, 20.5% were NDC and 33.4 % were floating voters.

The report concluded that “The incumbent appears to be in trouble with his constituents attracting only 20% support. A primary challenger could pose a threat. In a general, this could pose a serious threat to the NPP in the constituency.  We don’t expect Mahama to win the constituency but if he does, the NPP will also lose the seat.”

By Laud Nartey|3news.com|Ghana

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