2012 elections to record high spoilt ballots – Ben Ephson predicts

Poll taker Ben Ephson predicts that the December 2012 Elections are likely to record high numbers of spoilt ballot sheets as a result of the position of the presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress, John Dramani Mahama.

Speaking to TV 3’s Daniel Opoku, the Editor of the Daily Dispatch says the situation arises anytime one of the big parties appear first on the presidential ballot paper and their parliamentary candidates appear second in the parliamentary ballot.

According to Mr. Ephson, a similar situation occurred during the 2000 Elections.

“In 2000, the candidate of the Great Consolidated Popular Party, Dan Lartey, polled 10, 266 votes in the Northern Region without any prior campaign,” he cited.

In the December 7 Elections, John Dramani Mahama will be the first on the ballot paper while Jacob Osei Yeboah, an independent candidate, will occupy the last position.

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