20 most embarrassing social situations revealed (including going in for a hug instead of a handshake)

Red-faced Britons endure 84 embarrassing social situations every year, according to a new study. Researchers found 78 per cent of us dread having to be sociable, with the average person experiencing a truly toe-curling experience seven times a month. The study – which has also revealed the top 20 awkward social situations – also revealed more than a third of us have made a recent, sweat-inducing ‘greeting faux pas’ – with forgetting someone’s name when introducing them the most common (43 per cent). 37C9E8DD00000578-3768602-image-a-4_1472724252798 A quarter of us have gone in for a hug when the other person expected a handshake, 26 per cent have introduced themselves to someone they have already met and 15 per cent have kissed someone on the lips by mistake. The study also found, once a greeting faux pas has been made, 26 per cent of Brits try to cover up the embarrassment by making a joke, while a bashful 22 per cent admit to going red in the face. According to the poll, the most cringe inducing situation imaginable is bumping into someone you have previously had confrontation with, according to 36 per cent of those surveyed. Other moments which leave us mortified include introducing someone to another person when you have forgotten their name (32 per cent), meeting someone who used to be in a relationship with your partner (28 per cent) and talking to someone you secretly find attractive (26 per cent). When it comes to the people we feel most uncomfortable greeting – potential employers came top with 31 per cent – followed by first dates (19 per cent) and partner’s parents (12 per cent).

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A spokesperson from CB12 First Class Breath, which commissioned the study of 1,500 British adults, said: ‘Even the most confident person will experience social anxiety at some point in their lives. ‘Whether it’s meeting a partner’s parents for the first time or stepping into an interview – we all need a little help to get through these awkward situations looking and feeling great.

‘While we can’t prepare for every eventuality in life, paying attention to the basics can really help boost your confidence, so you can take on any situation head on and avoid the blushes Source: Mail Online]]>