14-yr-old girl attempts suicide for the second time

A 14-year-old junior high school student who was accused of theft and flogged by her mother has,  for the second time, tried to kill herself at Tepa in the Ashanti Region.

Sarah Agyeiwaa, a form one student of the Tepa Maaban Presby JHS who felt slighted by her mother’s action, allegedly tried to take a toilet disinfectant but was saved by a narrow margin.

She was said to have procured the disinfectant from a public KVIP toilet closer to her house and tried to drink the poisonous substance, her mother, Ms. Comfort Agyeiwaa told Onua FM Wednesday.

Sarah is claimed to have said that one of the reasons for the attempted suicide was also because the people in her community have been teasing her that her father is a drunkard.

Meanwhile, Agyeiwaa has been referred to the school’s guidance and counseling unit.

Explaining to Accra-based Onua FM what triggered the latest suicide attempt, Ms Agyeiwaa said she asked Sarah to take some money from her purse, but later realised that her duaghter had taken more that she was asked to.

According to the mother, when she asked Sarah about the missing money, she stood kept quiet and started weeping; something she said made her suspect that Sarah was responsible for the missing money though she acknowledged that her daughter had never stolen from her before.

Ms. Agyeiwaa further revealed that it is not the first time that her daughter has attempted taking her own life.

She said Sarah one time collapsed in school and felt ashamed hence decided to commit suicide but her sister showed up at the eleventh hour to stop her.

Headmaster of Tepa Maaban Presby, Mr. James Quarshie told Onua FM Agyeiwaa is mostly quiet and does not associate herself with other students.

By Esther Afia Asare|Onua FM||Ghana

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