10 takeaways from Prof. Jane Opoku-Agyemang outdooring speech

Vice presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC),Prof. Jane Opoku-Agyemang, was Monday outdoored at a ceremony hosted at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) auditorium as running mate to former president, John Dramani Mahama. Here are some of the highlights of her speech:

  1. 1. All-inclusive governance: “It will be my mission to ensure that the voices and concerns of our children, our youth and our aged, and our persons with disabilities are reflected in critical decisions. Together, we can strategize to solve long-standing problems of needless and unproductive discrimination, and thrive as valued citizens.”
  2. Being in touch with the grassroots: It would have been my joy to sit with you in the market, your shop, on the farms and at the beaches, by the roadside, and in the institutions, and think and plan together, argue and laugh at each other. But these are not normal times. COVID-19 is real; no doubt about it.
  3. Youth centeredness: We must be mindful of the fact that 60% of our population will be under the age of 30 in a few years. That is why it is so critical that we systematically reform all our systems to effectively address the aspirations of our youth and country.
  4. Quality education: We need meaningful, quality and comprehensive education that goes beyond access and responds to the future we can actualize. We must leverage on vocational and technical training to equip many into meaningful and fulfilling work.
  5. Merit-based opportunities for all: We must provide opportunities that transcend political patronage, ‘connection’ and the practice of whom- you- know. Equal and fair opportunities based on merit are an imperative for sustainable economic growth. The time for that shift is now.
  6. Prioritize the growth of Ghana: Truth be told, despite all our challenges, Ghana remains a special place where any dream is possible, where every aspiration matters, and where anyone – be it a little boy from Bole or a little girl from Komenda – can grow up to be anything they want to be. Even President. Even Vice President. This is why we love this country so much. We must continue to make it a place we cherish and are proud to belong to, and a place of opportunities.
  7. Electoral violence: When there appears to be selective justice; when some offenders are not even placed on the hook but are hailed and promoted for being nasty and violent, the logical outcome is what we see. This situation of people dying, being harassed, because they have decided to register to vote, is not a story we can tell any child in the future, especially when the curriculum is hinged on tolerance.
  8. The choices in election 2020: The choice we have in this election is clear: we can either build a Ghana where every citizen regardless of background is afforded equal opportunity to become their best selves. Or we can continue on a path where a few people attempt to control and dictate the destiny of the people who have given them the privilege to govern.
  9. Security agencies urged to expedite action in the killing of 90-year-old: If we choose to be anywhere as a country, the destination should not include a place where a 90-year-old woman, Akua Denteh, is stoned to death because someone has decided that she is a witch. I call on our security agencies to convince us that she has not died in vain.
  10. Invitation to the public to buy the NDC’s message: I extend a hand to everyone, no matter how disappointed you have become; no matter the depth of your frustration, your anger, your despair. Come! Let’s chart a path for our country built on the values of integrity, merit, trust, responsible citizenship, caring, putting others first, simple polite language.
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