WhatsApp getting brand new feature which could change the way you use the popular chat app

 has kicked off 2018 by readying a new update that could have a big impact on how you use the Facebook-owned chat app.

WhatsApp has had a busy couple of weeks, and it looks like users are in store for a number of great surprises in 2018.

The chat app recently enjoyed record amounts of use, with a staggering 75billion messages sent on New Year’s Eve 2017.

WhatsApp says out of the 75billion messages sent, 13billion were photos and five billion included videos.

WhatsApp users could have sent even more messages if the service didn’t go down for around two hours on the last day of 2017.

Amid this record usage, fans have been teased about a number of new features that could be heading to WhatsApp in 2018.

And one of those new additions to WhatsApp could change the way you use the chat app.

A beta update has been released for WhatsApp which introduces a brand new video call switch button.

It appears when you’re in the middle of a WhatsApp voice call and lets you switch to video with just one touch.

The new feature was spotted by WABetaInfo, who said it is only available at the moment to people signed up to the WhatsApp beta version.

Outlining the feature, they said: “WhatsApp has developed a new convenient feature that improves the user experience.

“WhatsApp has released today a video call switch button.

“This button is visible when you are in a voice call: when pressed, WhatsApp will send a request to the recipient, asking if he wants to ‘convert’ the current voice call in a video call.

“WhatsApp has created this feature to save time: usually, when two users were in a voice call and they wanted to make a video call, they had to end the voice call.

“Now, thanks to this option, it’s all faster.

“The recipient can accept or reject the request: if he will reject it, the voice call will normally continue, otherwise WhatsApp will automatically switch the voice to the video call.”


Source: Express

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