We haven’t found formalin in any koobi – FDA allays fears

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) says results from its samples of koobi (salted dried tilapia) tested for formalin so far have not shown any presence of formalin.

Lovers of koobi or salted dried fish got panic, when minister for science, technology and innovation, Professor Frimpong Boateng revealed that some of the koobi on the market were preserved with formalin.

Formalin is a cancer causing chemical, used in the preservation of dead bodies.

Speaking with 3FM Business, head of the food safety department at the authority, Maria Lovelace Johnson, said samples from sixty-three (63) different batches of koobi from twenty- eight (28) markets in Greater Accra, Eastern, Central and Volta regions indicated that none of the sampled koobi had formalin in them.

“From the samples we have tested so far, there is no presence of formalin. We curled koobi from some markets in the country and so far we haven’t found anything”, she said.

She has cautioned the public to be vigilant in their purchases, as investigation continues.

She added that the authority will not hesitate in applying the laws when found culpable.

“We operate with laws, and we will not relent on our ores in making sure that the right things are done, and consumers are protected”, she intimated.

By Grace Asare |3FM|

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