We are sorry: Greenstreet raps Ashantis

Ivor Greenstreet IEA

The Convention People’s Party has taken its Apam Foforↄ (New Covenant) tour to the Ashanti region preaching reconciliation.

The flag-bearer of the party, Ivor Kobina Greenstreet recalled the differences and issues the CPP had with some political forces in the region.

“I would therefore like to directly say sorry for any actions or inactions in the past that led to some divisions, hurt or bitterness. In fact, we have moved some way into this reconciliation,” he told residents in Kumasi after paying courtesy call on the Bantamahene.

Below is his full speech


I am very happy to be in the ancient capital of Kumasi once again. Kumasi is a testament to Ghanaian enterprise and without doubt the commercial centre of Ghana. I am in this ancient and garden city as a crucial part of our Apam Foforↄ tour. We are also aware of the political dynamics of this great region. This is therefore an appropriate time for us to reconnect as a family.

CPP and the major political forces in this region have had their issues and differences in the past. Apam Foforↄ means new covenant and you can’t have a new covenant without reconciling with the past.

I would therefore like to directly say sorry for any actions or inactions in the past that led to some divisions, hurt or bitterness. In fact, we have moved some way into this reconciliation. I have recently been reading the impressive autobiography called Gold Coast Boy by Dr. Kwame Addo Kufuor, former Minister of Defence under the Kufuor-led Government, who we also know is a brother of the ex-President.

The book recounts some of the unnecessary pains we have had in the past but it also shows that we are somewhat a family. We are told that both the CPP and the NLM rented offices from Gyamfi House near Apagya Fie which is the home of the Kufuors. Although some parties may want to claim Ashanti region to be their World Bank, we know Asantes to be very strategic in their thinking. This gives us hope because we believe CPP is presenting something new – something new in your life.

As you are well aware, the CPP has also recently mentioned the Almond Tree (Abrofo Nkatie) as having huge potential for money making and job creating. Recently, Prof. Tano-Debrah of the University of Ghana, Department of Nutrition and Food Science, confirmed the potential of this tree especially the money that can be made from selling the oil extracted from the nut.

California, which currently supplies 80% of the world market, makes billions and billions of dollars every year from the almond tree. The almond tree grows quickly and can grow anywhere in Ghana. It grows within just two and half years and begins to bear fruit. It also needs very little rainfall and has a high yield per hectare. Ashanti region has vast arable lands that could be very suitable for making money and creating jobs from this tree. In fact, some of the most beautiful, healthy almond trees I have seen are right here in Kumasi, on the impressive compound of the Catering Rest House.

With the seeming agronomic conditions necessary for the Green Gold of almond and the legendary entrepreneurial spirit of Asanteman, I see another cocoa revolution coming, more mighty Kumasi ‘Abrofo Nkatie’ houses coming from the new Green Gold which the coming CPP government would very carefully midwife. We do not just talk getting prices and inflation right; we are the Meso Economy specialists. We have done it before and we will do it again.

The CPP will be investing a lot of money into agriculture especially enhancing the existing opportunities and requirements for cocoa, maize and cassava. The CPP would put emphasis on feeder roads, irrigation, and technical inputs for farmers as well as extensive services to make the whole sector attractive for work and for making money.

As you are well aware, the CPP since 2000 has made it clear that it is in favour of electing all District, Municipal and Metropolitan Chief Executives. It is quite obvious that doing this will ensure greater progress in development and accountability for all regions of Ghana.

You would recall that not too long ago I embraced the opportunity of attending the national delegates’ congress of the National Democratic Congress here in Kumasi to tell them in the face that N-O-B-O-D-Y was feeling their better Ghana agenda. Indeed much hasn’t been seen as a departure from then to now. We still have prevalent corruption; left, right, centre, inside – out and in.

To fight corruption however, we must face certain realities. It is not about merely seeking the political advantage of it that matters. But comprehensively building and consolidating the legal framework as well as strengthening the enforcement agencies to function fully without fear or favour is the most needed determinant. That, the CPP would do. And we shall do it in the interest of the nation and NOT just to satisfy our quest for power.

We are in Ashanti region for six days and after having seen the Bantamahene this morning we are proceeding to see the Kokofuhene and then to the Ejura market for Party programme. We are looking forward to presenting our programmes and policies in peace.  We offer hope, justice and opportunity.

Thank you very much.





Source: 3news.com | Ghana

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